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Am I one of the best Recruitment Trainers in the country?

By MITCH SULLIVAN Published 24th Aug 2013
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If someone were to land here from another planet and went to LinkedIn looking for a recruitment trainer (bear with me here while I stretch credulity as far as possible), they'd find that I've received more endorsements for recruitment training than many of the UK's most seasoned practitioners.

So how does a bloke who has never done a days formal recruitment training in his life, get more endorsements for this skill than many people who've spent years doing it?

I've narrowed it down to two possible reasons:

1.  I talk so much sense online about recruitment that I have quietly inspired many people to either increase their billings or, if they're not in recruitment, to re-evaluate how they engage with recruiters.

2.  The LinkedIn endorsement feature is a pile of crap.

I think it's the first one, but my missus thinks it's the second.

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263 weeks ago, by James
I've just been looking at the 'skills' I've been endorsed for. I'm going to go with the view that the feature is crap because if it isn't then I've done a really bad job of communicating what I'm capable of ... and that would be harder to live with.
263 weeks ago, by Mitch
I think the LinkedIn endorsement feature is utterly brilliant.

It's the best thing since the wonderbra.
263 weeks ago, by James
I think the wonderbra is a good example of a reason why people don't trust marketers. That's why everyone suffers from post purchase dissonance.
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