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The Internet is not the only solution for mass recruitment

By JAMES COAKES Published 2nd Sep 2013
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When planning a mass recruitment campaign it's easy to assume that all your potential candidates will not only be internet savvy and up to date in all aspects of social media. However, a recent survey shows that a large number of UK residents are not connected to the internet and the remainder are generally a lot less technologically minded then some recruiters might believe.

Many recruitment campaigns have now become a combination of complex media packages including all aspects of online, offline and social media. According a recent survey from the Office of National Statistics you could be missing an estimated 7.1 million adults, around 14% of the population, who have never used the internet. With budgets still being stretched when it comes to volume recruitment there is a tendency to go for blanket attraction strategies and automated processing of initial candidates. In the CIPD survey into Employee Outlook at the end of 2012 73% of employees recognised the significance of organisational values and how they can positively influence behaviour.

Some companies are getting back to basics with recruitment campaigns and putting a more human face to it once more. This was demonstrated by a campaign run by Kiddicare. They ensured that at each stage of the recruitment process the values of the organisation along with strong personal communication was relayed to applicants. Their recruitment medium was through bus stop and café advertising combined with store front banners. Their emphasis was on cultural fit more than previous retail experience. This not only attracted the right type of candidates but it also naturally de-selected those that were unsuitable so that at the screening stage there was a far higher proportion of individuals with the necessary attributes and availability.

So, it seems that for some jobs the best candidates can be found waiting for buses and in cafés during working hours and not messing around on Facebook.

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