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Recruitment Groundhog Day

By MITCH SULLIVAN Published 18th Oct 2013
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Whenever you see a recruitment agency website claiming to have “35 years combined experience” what they’re not telling you is that it’s the same year, repeated over and over.

While I’m on the subject of websites, why do 95% of them all say the same thing?  You know the sort of stuff:

...“We believe in really getting to know our client’s business”
...“We’re passionate about delivering the most talented candidates”
...“We never send out a CV without your permission”
...“Our service is second to none”

Plus, have you noticed how all of those sentences are about the agency - and not about the client?

Is it possible that this might be the real reason why the rest of the world thinks all recruiters are the same?

Agencies, how about offering some insight into how you can take away a potential client’s pain?  Because it's this that motivates nearly all companies to use an external recruitment supplier.  To take away the pain.

If you shed some light on how you might do this, the chances of them getting in touch are increased.

One last thing.  Try replacing as many of the “We” and “I” words with “You”

That’s because 'You' is the 2nd most powerful word in advertising.

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256 weeks ago, by Martin
There's other stuff that can be found on most recruiters websites. If most mention “honesty”, “fairness”, “integrity” and “quality” - And then make promises that it’s about “service, results, honesty and professionalism”. Why is their candidate communication quite so bad?

And another thing, why do so many use photographs of grinning idiots shaking hands and the like?
256 weeks ago, by James
I've been noticing a lot of photos of women alone looking at laptops in the generic photo stock recently. It seemed to coincide with the publication of 50 Shades of Grey. I suspect a link.
256 weeks ago, by Martin
I suspect everybody lacks imagination - especially those trying to be creative in recruitment.

Anyway. 50 Shades of Grey is a book about Britain in October isn't it?
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