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Recruiting Is Kids' Stuff. Anyone Can Do It.

By MITCH SULLIVAN Published 21st Nov 2013
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Today I saw a job advert for Trainee Recruitment Consultant.

What drew me to look at the ad was the pre-sell that the agency is "ranked 19th on the Recruiter Hot 100 list", whatever that is.

The ad mostly talked about how lovely their offices are, which is fine if that's what you think is going to be the most appealing aspect of the job, but it was this sentence particularly caught my eye:

"As a trainee recruitment consultant you will be doing a full 360 recruitment role."

First of all, even experienced agency recruiters don't do a 360 degree recruitment role. Only retained external recruiters and inhouse recruiters do that.

This is one of the agency world's major blind-spots - thinking that what makes a full cycle recruitment job is that they get to deal with clients AND candidates.

There are a lot more angles involved in filling a job than just talking to a hiring manager and having a few phone screens with candidates - like challenging the job spec, working out what the sales propositions are going to be, how to communicate those sales propositions, interviewing and assessing candidates, rejections and general housekeeping and many others.

But a bigger and more pervasively damaging blind-spot is these agencies thinking that inexperienced young people with a desire to earn a lot of money are ever going to be taken seriously by clients with strategically important jobs to fill.

Letting trainees telephone potential clients to do anything other than make an appointment for an experienced recruiter to have that client phone conversation seems like utter madness to me.

Correction, IS utter madness.

The people who decide to let this happen are either a bit stupid or incredibly arrogant.

Trainees working as 360 degree recruiters?

There's the problem with recruitment agencies, right there.

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