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Companies Not Sold On Social Media For Recruitment

By JAMES COAKES Published 10th Jun 2013
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A new survey has revealed that fewer than half of companies in the UK are currently using social media for recruitment purposes.  

The survey, which was carried out by XpertHR, was designed to find out more about the current state of digital recruitment. Only 46% claimed that they were using sites such as Twitter and Facebook in order to reach out and find new employees.  

This figure contrasted sharply with other areas of the web. 92% of companies declared that they continued to use their own corporate websites and 82% took advantage of the many job boards that are available online.

82% of the 46% that use social media to aid the hiring process stated that they completely managed the process themselves rather than relying on an agency to do so.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the professional platform LinkedIn was the most popular network in the survey, with 78% of social media users making use of its services to reach out. The other networks’ statistics were progressively lower. Twitter attracted 48% of users, Facebook 37%, YouTube 10% and Google+ 6%. It will be interesting to see what Google’s reaction will be to its own social beast coming in at the bottom of the pile, below even YouTube’s video network.

The other significant detail revealed was that even the main recruiters who used social media for recruitment tended to use it for the initial candidate-attraction stage rather than to manage ongoing applications. Whether that will change as social media continues to develop is not known.

So, for now recruiters can relax. You're not being replaced by social media.

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