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How to protest about pay

By JAMES COAKES Published 4th Nov 2014
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This is not a new story but it's a great example of how people can protest about pay to large companies. There's nothing they hate more than bad publicity, and this is an example of how protesters can ensure that they get media attention.

Back in 2008 2,300 bell hops (I think they're what we call hall porters in the UK), chambermaids, cooks and dishwashers working at hotels in the Disneyland resort in California decided to protest about low wages by staging a march from Disneyland's gates to one of the hotels. It seems they weren't feeling the magic working for the large corporation on wages that they were struggling to bring their families up on.

Many of them decided to dress up as Disney characters. When Disney managers reported the situation to the police they descended on the protest and arrested, among others; Snow White, Cinderella and Tinkerbell. Naturally the press had a field day - imagine how far these images would have traveled today, with social media.

Although this is a good example of how to make an impact sadly there was no happy ending. There are ongoing pay disputes on a regular basis at many of the Disney resorts around the world with regular marches, often featuring employees in costume. It seems, though, that Disney learned their lesson and it's less common for bewildered children to have to witness their childhood heroes being handcuffed and taken away in police cars.


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193 weeks ago, by John
I've long thought that forcing companies into a public declaration of wages paid would be a more effective tool than statutory minimum wages in raising overall pay levels. Shame is a powerful weapon...
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