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Choosing a Specialist Job Board

By JANE HATTON Published 2nd Aug 2013
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Recruiters tell me they have had mixed experiences when using specialist job boards, and I thought it might be helpful to explore some things to consider.

What are your objectives?

If you just want to increase the number of candidates who apply for your vacancies, then a specialist job board may not be for you. You may as well use a mainstream job board. However, if you are already using a range of attraction methods and your objective is to attract a more diverse range of applicants, then some specialist job boards might work for you. I say some, because employers tell me that some so-called specialist job boards attract a high volume of applicants, but no more diverse than from any mainstream source.

What is important?

Many employers ask me about which other employers are using Evenbreak to attract disabled applicants. I'm proud to be able to say Network Rail, John Lewis Partnership, E.ON, Sightsavers, Ernst & Young and many other high profile employers known for their inclusive practices. But actually, much more important than that is who our candidates are. That is the gold you are looking for - talented disabled candidates who can bring all the benefits of diversity and creativity with them. Evenbreak attracts thousands of high quality disabled applicants.Many specialist job boards have an impressive array of employers, but are they providing the results you require? Access to a diverse range of talented diverse applicants?

Is the site authentic?

It is surprising how many specialist job boards claim to be fully accessible for disabled people, but on closer inspection don't even meet basic accessibility requirements. However, it's difficult to spot which sites are and which aren't accessible. Evenbreak has "ticked all the boxes", but we also constantly test the accessibility of the site with groups of candidates with a range of disabilities - and they consistently tell us that Evenbreak is the most easily accessible job board in the UK. Which is flattering, but pretty shocking - any specialist job board appealing to disabled candidates should have at least a minimum standard of accessibility.

Do you monitor success?

The success of using a specialist job board isn't the quantity of applicants (that will come from other sources), but the diversity of the applicants. A good specialist job board will provide you with applicants that you are unlikely to have attracted from other sources, to add to the talent pool you choose from. Unfortunately, many employers don't monitor their candidates for a) where they found the advert and b) for equality, so it is impossible to measure the success of any strategy in terms of the diversity of candidates attracted from each source.

I hope this has given you some food for thought, and if you have any questions or further insights, I'd love to hear from you.

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