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259 weeks ago, by Martin
"I want this position filled yesterday!....."
....and you deliver a shortlist and the client says they can't complete their interviews for a month.

I know what I do. What do you do? (apart from having a seizure?)
259 weeks ago, by Mitch
That's usually when my sarcasm kicks in.
259 weeks ago, by Martin
Yes. I used to do that. I'm trying a term that a delay of 4 weeks or more closes the search and I send the full invoice. Haven't had to apply it yet, but I have a client who may need a nudge in the right direction....
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Martin Ellis

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27th September 2013
I used to use headhunters when I was an Exec Director with Rentokil, but was never really impressed, so when I had the chance to see if it was really so difficult (or it needed take so long!), I jumped in head first. Now been doing it for almost 8 years and enjoy it thoroughly. I still wonder why it used to take other headhunters so long. Perhaps I was just unlucky in who I used?.....
After careers in engineering, publishing, and the B2B service sector, I grew up and became a headhunter. Before headhunting I worked my way from the production line to sales, marketing, and senior international and profit responsible roles. I can even find my way round a balance sheet, so can have a conversation with a Finance Director without getting too embarrassed. I'm a generalist, so don't stick to one sector (where I could recycle the same old faces). I don't think the skill's in finding candidates as much as motivating and engaging them in a recruitment process they find testing but still enjoyable.
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