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250 weeks ago, by Mitch
What is "Talent"?
Apparently, 61% of companies have a Talent Management or Talent Acquisition department, but only 21% of these have a definition of what talent actually is.

I suspect the other 79% do have a definition of what talent really is, but are too embarrassed to reveal it.

I think that if you canvassed the opinions of hiring managers, most would define talent as someone doing the same job for someone else.

See the rise in number of niche recruitment specialists and R2R agencies for clarification.
250 weeks ago, by Martin
And if they have a Talent Management department, and you're not among those being managed by this department, does this imply you're thick? And if you are being managed by this department, does this imply you're talented and therefore where you need to be from the companies perspective?

It's the same as those outfits who have Complaints Departments. "Oh so you expect complaints eh?".
250 weeks ago, by Mitch
In the interest of transparency (and possibly even motivation) maybe they should have a 'Not Quite Talented Enough Yet' department?

It's just a concept at this stage.
250 weeks ago, by James
The obsession with talent has comes from TV shows like Britain's Got Talent which, in reality, is showing us how mediocre and basically deluded people are.

There's still some talent in sport thankfully. There's even some on programmes like Countryfile, but that's not as trendy.

Do you think anyone would watch a TV programme called Britain's Got Craftsmanship? Incidentally craftsmanship would be my definition of talent.
250 weeks ago, by Martin
Countryfile?!? I'll check with my dad!

You got me thinking about "Talent". Isn't it about the ability to get things done?

And just to prove I've had a bad week, I don't agree with you about Britain's Got Talent either. It's not as good as you say.

Have a good weekend!
250 weeks ago, by Martin
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