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243 weeks ago, by Mitch
Learning about business leadership from Nelson Mandela
You can't learn anything about leadership from Nelson Mandela, because he was driven my more loftier goals. You know, really important things like racial integration, forgiveness and social harmony. Things that are miles removed from selling stuff.

And anyway, as soon as your principles were tested, you'd fold, either for the money or to keep your job.

Please don't write anymore articles about what business people can learn from Nelson Mandela?

Thank you.
243 weeks ago, by James
The main reason why Ronald Reagan is consistently voted best ever Pres by the American people is that he previously had an acting career. Even if things were really bad Ron new how to put across that everything was fine.

So maybe businesses, particularly the banks, need to find someone who can act like Mandela to convince everyone that they're not a bunch of lawless pirates.

I mean act like Mandela rather than the actual man.
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