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274 weeks ago, by James
Recruitment is just a function
RecruitingLens and MarketingLens launched at around the same time and I have to say I'm finding it harder to get traction in the recruitment industry.

It's just been explained to me that recruitment is a business function whereas there's more knowledge and theory in marketing, so more for people to discover.

So is that true? Is recruitment essentially an artless practice?
274 weeks ago, by Darren
The world of recruitment is only as shallow and artless as the people who refuse to adopt innovation, deny that there is a need for best practice and USP's across the board from service providers to end users and everyone in between.
274 weeks ago, by Mitch
There's plenty of knowledge and theory in recruitment - just not that many people who've studied it enough to have any coherent thoughts or insight.

A big part of the problem is that recruiting new employees is difficult and most people hate doing it - a lot of that is down to having to assess people and take decisions that affect their careers.

The difference between recruitment and marketing is a bit like the difference between refuse collection and flower arranging.
274 weeks ago, by James
Which is which?
271 weeks ago, by Mitch
Marketing is the flower arranging.
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